Frequently Asked Questions

Phone Calls
When leaving a message for our phone nurse, please provide the following: your name, your doctor's name, your date of birth and a brief description of why you are calling.

Medicaton Refills
Please allow at least 24 hours for refills. When requesting a refill, we need your name, the name of your medication and your pharmacy number. Before calling the office again, please check with your pharmacy.

PAP Smears
Please allow at least two weeks. If there is anything abnormal, your physician will call you.

All radiology facilities notify you of your results by mail. If there is an abnormal finding, your physician will call you as soon as he or she receives the results.

Lab Work
For lab work during pregnancy, your physician will call you only with abnormal results; otherwise he/she will discuss the results with you at your next regularly scheduled visit.

For screening lab work (cholesterol, etc.) we will call only if results are abnormal. For other lab work, we will call with results but please allow 7-10 days.

Your physician will call you with results within 10 days, unless he or she asks you to schedule a follow up appointment.

If your insurance requires a referral or preauthorization for any services requested by your physician, please contact our referral coordinator at 590-6195 ext.113 and leave your name, your physician's name, the name of your insurance and the physician we have referred you to and the reason. Please do not make the appointment that requires the referral until you have been contacted by our office. Allow at least three working days. In case of emergency, call back and ask to speak to the triage nurse today.

Thank you for selecting Northeast OB/GYN as your woman's healthcare provider.



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